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Boutique marketing, our goal is to make sure your business has a competitive advantage so you can serve your clients more efficiently.

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What we do

Choosing us is choosing a partner for your best interest!


One thing we are good at is technology. We have a long extent of experience in the innovation field where we had to think outside the box to keep up with this fast-paced industry.


This field is still in a research and development phase, but RM Strategy has begun its ambition to grow this market. We offer services as growth hackers to identify the most potential niche to expand your business.


We understand the regulations of this market and sometimes we have to be clever with the available resources in order to make an impact. Whether you are in insurance or a portfolio manager we can help you.


If you want to maximize your visibility, we have you covered. Our experts understand where to target first and how to optimize later. We have many techniques in retail to make you succeed.


Targeting the right audience can be challenging and in this field, operations need to be constant. We can help you nurture leads and create the right message to maximize your sales.


E-comm is taking over. Whatever your product or service, we have the resources to reach your goals. If you are looking for a solution, we are the partner that can resolve your need.

The Power of Metrics.

Our report will give you a history of your backlinks, what value they serve you, and what you should do after. In addition, we can identify what keywords will help you rank on page 1. This is the chance for you to get this FREE SEO report, a value of 125$!

We Create Experiences.

Your clients deserve the best treatment, and so do you. We are here to create a grand brand, so your clients receive a great experience.


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Our workflow.

Every plan is different, but our workflow remains the same. We understand that specific steps cannot be skipped to deliver what we promise. However, we are agile professionals, and we are good at adapting to change.



We begin by understanding where you are today with your marketing and draw where you would like to be.



What resources do you have and which one do we need to provide. By collaborating, we can make an effective plan.


Planning the blueprint

By now we know where to go and what tools are available. Now it's time to plan the journey and give ourselves measurable objectives.


Execution is key.

Action speak for themselves, and we are here to provide you tangible results to meet your expectations.


Measure the data

Every strategy is different, and by gathering enough data, we know what to do to improve the results continually.


Optimize and Repeat

Online marketing is a field that requires constant improvement. Therefore, we optimize the results to stay ahead of the curve.