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Our Culture

Our team is the reason why we exist today. Teamwork is our core business. Everyone who supports our foundation is key to our growth. We do not operate in a hierarchy, everyone is equal, and we love it that way. As much success as we choose to bring to our own table, we want it the same way for our clients. Our work ethic is not to be your supplier but become your marketing partner. We have clear goals as well as you do and we want to achieved team in a collective manner. By working together, we want to support each other's mutual growth. 

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Who are the leaders at RMlogo 



Marie Claude Beliard

Business development / Social Media



Reynaldo Mendoza

Marketing / Operations


We're like a sports team ...

But for Marketing!

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We are looking for La Crème de la Crème. Do you have what it takes to join a dynamic team? We are open to all candidates and profiles. We believe that everyone has a hidden talent and we want to unleash it.

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About RM Strategy

Our goal is to work together and see how disruptively we can impact your market. Delivering critical strategies to optimize your business is why we strive to go out of the conventional ways to succeed. The competition is real so are your results! 

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