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Boutique marketing, our goal is to make sure your business has a competitive advantage so you can serve your clients more efficiently.

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Laval, Québec, Canada


Coach Branding

Putting creativity into your brand so you can tell a story that is appealing to your audience.

Brand Structure

Creating a growth timeline for your business and defining each objective per stage.

Brand Management

Implementing the most suitable strategy for your goals, while using the best practices in the industry.

Business performance.

What your clients are demanding is a unique experience that your competitors won't deliver. We guide you to reach those objectives and be the hero.


The voice of your business. 

Digital Marketing

The strategy of your business.

Marketing Automation

The experience of your business

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Frequently asked questions.

The online marketing industry is often confusing. At the paste of technology evolution, trends, practices, search engines regulations it can be quite overwhelming keeping track. That is why we founded our boutique agency to give an edge over the competition.


01 What tool do you use for your email campaign?

The tool that we use often depends at what stage you are in the implementation of an email campaign. The most popular is Mailchimp, which is a user-friendly email automation application. If not we adapt to what you have or to your budget.

02 Why should I invest in paid ads, if I'm already generating leads?

Paid ads are a useful initiative for multiple reasons. First, we use it to generate potential leads to your landing page. Second, paid ads solution on search engines or social media will allow building a precise profile of your buying client. With this information, we can tweak your targeting to save you money and attract the potential clients to you.


03 Why do I need your SEO report?

Our SEO report is a 125$ value, and it is delivered to you under 24 hours for free. The SEO report will give you an up to date view of your ranking in search engines. Knowing where you position and what keywords you can allow you to improve your content strategy and bringing more traffic back to your page with a high chance of converting those leads into paying customers.


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We love to hear from our customer and from our visiteors. Tell us your concerns and one of our expert will be gald to assist you 

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Laval, Québec, Canada